Touching Timor – Part 5

Ramelau is the highest mountain in Timor-Leste at 2986m and on this day, the team was going to climb the last 1000 metres to the summit…

Wow, the views along the way were just amazing and despite the huffing and puffing (due in part to the lack of oxygen, but probably more so due to the lack of fitness) I reached the top!   

Stopping for a quick break close to the summit….

The summit!!

The view!!

On top of the world!!

Tony our driver came too, as did a local guide to show us the way…

as well as this father and his daughter who were there to get us visitors to sign the Visitors Book…

 Jeannet – without whom this trip would not have happened!  It was her vision to take a group of random people to a country that has touched her heart…and now it has touched ours!


It’s a long way down to the bottom….

Time to head back….it’s rocky road time!

…and a quick bite to eat, before carrying on to Maubisse where we would be staying the night.

on the road again…..

Arrived at Maubisse….
…in time for dinner, which was noodles at a local restaurant.

After dinner, we had a quick look around the markets which were still open.

Many women especially, chew betel nuts.  It’s sort of like chewing tobacco and is generally chewed for its psychoactive properties…such as mild euphoria and a sense of wellbeing.   I was unsuccessful at getting a photo of someone smiling, as women were always self conscious about their red teeth and lips that are a result of eating betel nuts regularly.

The church across the road from the “guest house” where we stayed…nearing completion, it is quite the landmark.

petrol for sale….no joke!
Our trip to the country meant using a convoy of 3 vehicles….Tony was one of the drivers and he did such a great job!  Seats in his vehicle were becoming very sought after!

 Betel nuts for sale!

To market, to market…

Yep….they managed to nab a seat in Tony’s vehicle before anyone else!

It seems that there is an assumption that smoking is for males???

 Then it was back driving through Dili – passing the largest market place in the city….

and the following morning, it was time to fly back to Australia – but not before making use of the free Wi-Fi at the airport….

Goodbye Timor-Leste – until the next time!!

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