My name is Ngaire (pronounced Ni-ree) and I take pictures of people. Born in New Zealand, I am now based in Brisbane. It was when I finished homeschooling my kids that photography came to me at this point in my life – it was like walking right into something that completed me. It fit me, my personality, my strengths. It had me constantly thinking, changing, growing. Like when I first started shooting, anything sans people was my preferred genre. That’s where my passion for landscape photography began. But then I was drawn to capturing family – first and foremost my own, and this taught me the value of capturing life around me in a candid, unrehearsed kind of way. Now I want to capture who you are, I want to make something that you want to look twice at.

But I don’t want to just take pictures, I want to tell a story – your story!

…and in my spare time, I drive buses