a little road trip to Carney’s Creek

It was a spur of the moment, jump in the car and drive type of morning. There was a lavender farm that I wanted to swing by, just to see whether the lavenders were in bloom, but Google could have easily told me that…and they were closed anyway thanks to COVID decimating staff numbers. The other place I wanted to check out was this little shack on Carneys Creek Road, but sure enough, it totally eluded me (seen shots of this shack on Instagram but oh well). But it was a fun little drive out to the country anyway, and with the unseasonal rainfall, the creeks were spilling over the road and creating these lovely little waterfalls….so here a few shots of my drive along Carneys Creek Road!

avoiding the Brisbane traffic jam…

Had to travel to the north of Brisbane to pick up a Marketplace purchase (why did I not look up the location first!) So at 3.30pm with purchase in hand, the thought of negotiating my way back through the city made the choice to go detour, really rather easy. Always up for a ticky tour along roads that have steep inclines and really sharp bends. But oh what a view out over Wivenhoe when I reached the summit of Mt Glorious.