ash … the new sand

The aftermath of our yearly bonfire saw a good amount of leftover ash…and days later when little feet went exploring down the back of the property, it wasn’t long before they spotted something that looked much like a sandpit but oh it was so much finer, dirtier and absolutely a thousand time more fun to play in.

Hall Hunting!

Last weekend Charissa and I went for a drive – out to Somerset Dam then ended up all over the place.  We even managed to end up in the middle of this vintage hotrod car show – impressive!
Visited Coronation Hall which Shayna had always talked about.  It is a country hall with this country hillbilly feel, and loads of character.  Would scrub up really nicely with lights and decorations and make an awesome wedding reception venue…the only downside being the time it takes to get there. Despite the distance, the drive out there is absolutely picturesque and a smorgasbord of scenic delights.