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all that glitters….

The weather in Brisbane hasn’t been this cold in a pretty long time….the cloudless skies are much to blame for this phenomenom – no clouds, no blanket, no warmth. Normally if there are no clouds I don’t even bother….but the colours of the sky lately have been really eye catching. Could have gotten up earlier on this particular morning because by the time I arrived at this spot, the colours were already starting to pop. The trouble with cold mornings is that it is so indescribably hard to get out of bed….

a little road trip to Carney’s Creek

It was a spur of the moment, jump in the car and drive type of morning. There was a lavender farm that I wanted to swing by, just to see whether the lavenders were in bloom, but Google could have easily told me that…and they were closed anyway thanks to COVID decimating staff numbers. The other place I wanted to check out was this little shack on Carneys Creek Road, but sure enough, it totally eluded me (seen shots of this shack on Instagram but oh well). But it was a fun little drive out to the country anyway, and with the unseasonal rainfall, the creeks were spilling over the road and creating these lovely little waterfalls….so here a few shots of my drive along Carneys Creek Road!